Entries by Christos Cassandras

Safety-Critical Autonomous Systems

The emergence of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) and the need to guarantee safety in making them a reality has motivated us to develop a new framework adapting optimal control theory to safety-critical systems and demonstrating its use for AVs in signal-free traffic networks. The standard trade-off we face in control system design is achieving a desired […]

Smart Technology: Open Source and Equitable

Cassandras is working on a Red Hat Collaboratory Research Incubation project entitled “Creating a global open research platform to better understand social sustainability using data from a real-life smart village” as part of a partnership between Boston University and Red Hat housed at the Hariri Institute of Computing. The goal of the project is to […]

3rd Edition of “Introduction to Discrete Event Systems”

The Third Edition of “Introduction to Discrete Event Systems” was published in November 2021. The book, originally published in 1999, is a comprehensive introduction to the field of discrete event systems, offering a breadth of coverage that makes the material accessible to readers of varied backgrounds. The book emphasizes a unified modeling framework that transcends […]