Christos G. Cassandras is Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Head of the Division of Systems Engineering, and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He received degrees from Yale University, Stanford University, and Harvard University. He specializes in the areas of discrete event and hybrid systems, cooperative control, stochastic optimization, and computer simulation, with applications to cyber-physical systems, manufacturing systems, and smart cities. He has published extensively in these areas, including six books. Among many professional activities, he was Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control and President of the IEEE Control Systems Society. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and of the IFAC and a recipient of several awards, including the 2011 IEEE Control Systems Technology Award, the CSS Distinguished Member Award, the 1999 Harold Chestnut Prize, 2011 and 2014 prizes for the IBM/IEEE Smarter Planet Challenge competition and the 2014 BU Engineering Distinguished Scholar Award.



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