3rd Edition of “Introduction to Discrete Event Systems”

The Third Edition of “Introduction to Discrete Event Systems” was published in November 2021. The book, originally published in 1999, is a comprehensive introduction to the field of discrete event systems, offering a breadth of coverage that makes the material accessible to readers of varied backgrounds. The book emphasizes a unified modeling framework that transcends specific application areas, linking the following topics in a coherent manner: language and automata theory, supervisory control, Petri net theory, Markov chains and queueing theory, discrete-event simulation, and concurrent estimation techniques. The third edition is a “superset” of the second one, with new material based on the teaching of discrete event systems courses by the two co-authors at Boston University and at the University of Michigan. They reflect active research trends and new topics in discrete event systems since the publication of the second edition, as more thorough coverage of existing topics.

More info: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-72274-6#about