Applications of Perturbation Analysis in Stochastic Hybrid SystemsApplications of Perturbation Analysis in Stochastic Hybrid Systems
Julia Lima Fleck and Christos G. Cassandras

This book focuses on applying Infinitesimal Perturbation Analysis (IPA) to two different problems: traffic light control and control of cancer progression, both of which are viewed as dynamic optimization problems in a Stochastic Hybrid System environment.

Safe Autonomy with Control Barrier Fnctions: Theory and Applications
Wei Xiao, Christos G. Cassandras, and Calin Belta

This book presents the concept of Control Barrier Function (CBF), which captures the evolution of safety requirements during the execution of a system and can be used to enforce safety.  It discusses how safety can be guaranteed via both theoretical and application perspectives and how it can be easily implemented in real-time systems that require high-frequency reactive control. Applications include autonomous driving, robotics, and traffic control.

Energy-Latency Trade-Offs in Real-Time Wireless Sensor Networks
Lei Miao and Christos G. Cassandras

The book studies resource allocation problems characterized by energy-latency trade-offs in Wireless Sensor Networks using optimal control methods in the framework of Discrete Event Systems. It is shown that that energy of wireless nodes can be greatly saved by introducing some delay of task completion time in applications like Dynamic Transmission Control and Dynamic Voltage Scaling for energy-limited systems.

Introduction to Discrete Event Systems, 3rd Edition
Christos G. Cassandras and Stephane Lafortune

The third edition is a “superset” of the second one, with new material added principally in Chapters 1,2,3,5,10,11. These additions are based on our teaching of discrete event systems courses at Boston University and at the University of Michigan, and they reflect active research trends in discrete event systems since the publication of the second edition. The additions consist of the inclusion of new topics as well as more thorough coverage of existing topics.

Introduction to Discrete Event Systems Introduction to Discrete Event Systems 2Introduction to Discrete Event Systems, 1st and 2nd Editions
Christos G. Cassandras and Stephane Lafortune

Introduction to Discrete Event Systems is written as a textbook for courses at the senior undergraduate level or the first-year graduate level. It will be of interest to students and researchers in a variety of disciplines where the study of discrete event systems is relevant: control, communications, computer engineering, computer science, manufacturing engineering, operations research, and industrial engineering.

Stochastic Hybrid SystemsStochastic Hybrid Systems
Christos G. Cassandras and John Lygeros

Edited by leading experts in the field, the book introduces the theoretical basics, computational methods, and applications of Stochastic Hybrid Systems (SHS). It discusses the underlying principles behind SHS and the main design limitations. Building on these fundamentals, the authoritative contributors present methods that apply SHS analysis and synthesis techniques in practice. It also explains how to resolve practical problems associated with these systems.

Discrete Event Systems: Modeling and Performance AnalysisDiscrete Event Systems: Modeling and Performance Analysis
Christos G. Cassandras

This is the first instructional text to be published in an area that emerged in the early 1980s and that spans such disciplines as systems and control theory, operations research, and computer science. Developments in this area are impacting the design and analysis of complex computer-based engineering systems. The text provides a unified framework for modeling, design, analysis, and control of these “man made” dynamic systems.